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Support Appeal

WRAP's work involves providing a "safety net" for women and children, who are vulnerable to the various forms of abuse due to economic dependence and "retrogressive culture". WRAP also has advocacy and awareness-creation programmes aimed at enhancing gender equity and equality at the decision-making level, and encouraging the formation of proactive community-based GBV-intervention groups.

To attain WRAP's vision of a GBV-free society in Kenya, a lot of groundwork needs to be put in place. The high levels of GBV are as a result of conflict between societal expectations or gender stereotypes and individual aspirations. Conflict that is not resolved in a positive way within the family, which the basic unit of society, results in more incidences of abuse and/or violation of the rights of women and children at the intimate partner level and in society at large.

WRAP receives many inquiries from individuals wishing to support its various programmes. Some of the support proffered is monetary, some material and some "technical" {by way of internship or from invaluable advice received from persons with expertise in various fields}. The support mobilized is utilized to address immediate needs of abused and violated women and children, and in programmes that identify and tackle obstacles which hinder women's progress - so as to enhance their participation in public life through socio-economic and politico-legal empowerment.

This appeal is part of our strategy aimed at mobilizing resources from Kenyans to set up GBV-intervention and family support systems at a national level, thus supplementing external support geared towards social development work.

Some of WRAP's programmes;

  • Shelter Homes: These provide survivors of GBV, both women and children who need to be taken away from abusive environments, with a temporary place to stay. As many clients are admitted into the shelters in times of crisis, they receive support in the "basics"; ranging from dietary needs to recreational needs {leisure reading, toys and outings for children, spiritual needs, etc}; clothing, sanitary towels; baby foods, etc
  • Medical Needs: though some hospitals provide free medical services to the clients we refer to them, user fees have to be factored as well as fees for special health needs like reconstructive surgery.
  • Psychotherapy: Clients receive counseling, trauma and marital counselling where necessary. The capacity of communities is built to encourage them to form or join community-based GBV-intervention and therapeutic support groups.
  • Transport Needs: Clients in need are provided with fare to access the various institutions and organizations they are referred to, or to travel to their rural homes when mediation and reconciliation fail. Transport and other costs are also incurred as children are re-integrated with their families or when they are resettled elsewhere.
  • Legal Aid: litigation and other costs are incurred costs are incurred.
  • Awareness Creation, Capacity Building: costs of printing information, communication and education material; of facilitating workshops, training seminars, and civic education, etc.

For further information about how to participate contact: The Executive Director


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